My name is Ben Hall. I read a lot because I don’t sleep a lot. I felt like, with the amount that I read, I should start having public opinions on books. I won’t necessarily be reading new books; I do read a lot of new releases, but there are so many old ones I’ve missed – a result of being in my early 20s.

I plan on reviewing every book I read from now on – have a look what I’ve read recently over there on the right. I’m always open to suggestions for what I should read/review next, and obviously if you agree/disagree with me, let it out. It’s bad to let those feelings build up.

The blog is called Future Midnight because I had an 80s sci-fi film dream, in which I lay in an alleyway while helicopter spotlights roamed about the black city, and a man screamed the phrase at me over and over again as he ran away from me. I like David Lynch.

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